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Welcome to the Lower Oak Park and Highland Park Sewer Separation Project

The City of Des Moines is initiating a new Project which is included in the City’s Long Term Control Plan, developed to eliminate combined sewer overflows (CSO). The Lower Oak Park and Highland Park Sewer Separation Project is located along the Des Moines River, north of downtown. Currently, stormwater in this area is collected and conveyed by both separate storm sewer and combined sewer systems. The combined storm sewer and sanitary sewer flows are conveyed to the Birdland Pump Station on Saylor Drive, south of the marina.


Preliminary Design Begins

January, 2016

In January, the City of Des Moines contracted the Project Team to complete Preliminary and Final Design based on the Conceptual Design Report developed in 2015. Topographic survey work is being performed by the City of Des Moines starting in January and will continue into March. Survey crews will be in the neighborhood gathering data for the design. The Project Team will begin Preliminary Design in February. Additional public input will be gathered in the Spring of 2016 between Preliminary and Final Design with construction anticipated to begin in the Summer of 2016.